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The sisters of "La Sainte Croix de Jérusalem"

--> Contemplative and apostolic
--> with Ignatian and Theresian spirituality
lived in a spiritual community
and in a life-style that reminds of its origins linked to scouts movements,
"La Sainte Croix de Jérusalem" was founded on January 15th 1944
by Fr. Jacques Sevin (1882-1951), jesuit,
and recognise by the Church on September 15th 1963.

A Name...
"La Sainte Croix de Jérusalem"... This cross that is part of our origin is the sign of the universality of redemption. It invites us to live the mystery of the ressurection. Climax of Easter, it is the source of our life, of our joy, of our apostolic mission.

A Life...
Live and witness the Gospel in a fraternal community, in the Spirit of St. John and of the First community in Jerusalem where "welcoming qnd sharing, poverty and simplicity, joy and charity" were the rules.

A Call...
Finding Love, enthousiasm and dynamism in a passionate love of Jesus-Christ, "loving the world in which we live, listening to his calls", in particular those of the children, we want to help them becoming men and women of dignity, and followers of Jesus-Christ.

A Mission...
In the Holy Land, welcoming pilgrims & presence for the local youth.
In France, in Chili, in Tchad, education and evangelisation.


In the Holy Land since 1984, S.B. Michel Sabbah, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, asked the community to come to Taybeh in 1998.

- Managing the Charles de Foucauld Pilgrim's Center

 -Teaching French at the Latin school
 -After school work
 -games, activities,
 -Summer French sessions (Learn more)

The sisters of Taybeh:

from left to right: Sister Martine, Mother Marie-Martine, Sister Claudine


 --> Write your availibilities and offers to us
 --> Help our mission with your donations

Communauté de "La Sainte Croix de Jérusalem"
P.O.B. 904 - 91008 Jérusalem
Tél: +972 2 289 8161
Fax: +972 2 289 9364

Address of the community in France:
"La Sainte Croix de Jérusalem"
Allée Saint Martin
60820 Boran sur Oise    FRANCE
Tel:+33 3 44 21 91 89
Fax:+33 3 44 21 04 21
Web Site: www.soeurs-stecroixdejerusalem.cef.fr

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