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How to support Taybeh

The biggest challenge facing Taybeh is the emigration of its inhabitants. The delicate political situation has devastating consequences on the economy, pushing the inhabitants of Taybeh to leave when they can. Yet, all of them love their country, their land and their village and would prefer to stay.

In order to allow them to stay, it is vital to provide them with stable jobs, which enable them to earn enough to live with dignity and consider that their future and the one of their children belong to Taybeh.

The Olive Branch Foundation amongst others, has been trying to do so for the last 3 years, but your help can make a difference.

Here are various ways of helping Taybeh:

1. Promote Taybeh around you

Talk about Taybeh around you. By doing so you help giving a dynamic to the on-going projects and it will be easier to launch new economical projects in the village in the future.

Do not hesitate to promote (and buy!) Taybeh's products available for sale on this website. The Peace Lamps for example provide jobs and hope of a good future in Taybeh to 14 young men and women in the village.

The Olive Branch Foundation does not make any profit from the products, all revenues go to charity work such as the Caritas medical center and Beit Afram - Taybeh's home for seniors.

Talking about Taybeh as a peaceful village close to the désert, can also help changing the image of violence and war generally associated to Israel and Palestine and push people to come and visit Taybeh.

Taybeh olive oil

The Peace Lamp initiative provides jobs and hope to 14 young men and women in Taybeh.
To know more about it, you can visit the above link or contact us: here

2. Come to Taybeh

By taking the time to come to the Holy Land and more specifically to Taybeh, you give an invaluable help to the country and to the village. All visits to the Holy Land help bringing peace to the country:

Our vision is very simple, during your stay in the Holy Land, Israelis and Palestinians will be to busy taking care of you, to have time to fight each other. Thus, the more tourists and pilgrims come to the Holy Land, the more it facilitates peace.

Your journey to Taybeh, also demonstrates your solidarity the inhabitants of Taybeh. By taking the time to take a meal or stay one night in the "Charles de Foucauld" Pilgrim's Hostel, you provide work to its employees. And by buying some Taybeh products you give support to the villages's economical life.

Whilst visiting Taybeh and taking the time to see the new industrial olive press, the ceramic workshop, the brewery, the seniors home etc. you become witnesses of the efforts made in Taybeh for development and of the seriousness of our projects.

Finally, your visit will allow you to get a personal opinion about the situation in the country and in Taybeh other than the one circulated by the media. Back home, talking about your visit here will be very precious to demystify the image of violence generally associated to the West Bank.

For those who wish, it is also possible to come to Taybeh as volunteers. The needs do exist, and that is why we welcome all offers to help the sisters of "La Sainte Croix de Jérusalem" in the Pilgrim's Hostel (more...) or to help the sisters of "Notre-Dame des Douleurs" in their work with seniors (more...).

Do not hesitate to offer your help or skills in other areas too.

3. Sponsorship

As individuals, with an association or with your parish, it is possible for you to sponsor Taybeh schoolchildren or pensioners from our senior's home.

 --> Sponsor schoolchildren - The goal is to help parents pay for the school-fees of their children. Whilst not being too expensive (300 EUR per child and per year), the fees are still a problem for poor families with numerous children. An association in Toulouse (France), "Une Fleur pour la Palestine" was created in 2002 to help them. The association does not limit itself to Taybeh schoolchildren. Around a hundred children from 11 schools in Palestine have their school-fees paid by the association every year. To know more about "Une Fleur pour la Palestine": click here.
 --> Sponsor pensioners in Beit Afram - Opened in October 2005, Beit Afram is Taybeh's Home for seniors. It welcomes 16 elderly people in a state of dependance due to their health. Most of them cannot afford the 200 EUR fee per month. In order to help Beit Afram in its role of being a home for those who need it the most, whatever their financial capacities, it is vital to find other ways of financing it. We invite and encourage those who would like to sponsor a senior either with their parish or with their friends.
We also warmly welcome and support any association who would like to organize the sponsorship of our seniors.
Contact Fr. Raed: here.

Beit Afram

4. Other

If you have a project in mind or think you can help us with your knowledge or expertise in one of the ongoing projects, contact us: here

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