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The activities of the sisters of "La Sainte Croix de JÚrusalem"

The sisters of "La Sainte Croix de Jerusalem" organise many activities oriented towards children, both during the year and the summer holidays. The range of what they do is as follows:

 -Teaching French at the Latin school
 -After school work
 -Games & activities
 -Summer French sessions

Girl-scouts visit at the Holy Sepulcher (Jerusalem), after school work, games.

Summer French sessions

The French sessions, organised several summers in a row in Taybeh, have been initiated by the French sisters of "La Sainte Croix de JÚrusalem":

Many volunteers -mostly French- offered every year their services to do some animation with Taybeh's youth. During the long summer holidays, the youngsters are indeed left with little to do. This good idea faced a major problem on the field as most of the volunteers did not speak arabic. They could therefore not act independently from the sisters as they needed translation.

To solve the problem, the sisters of "La Sainte Croix de JÚrusalem" responsible for the teaching of French at the Latin school in Taybeh, decided to launch the summer French sessions. Thus, all the activities are now organised in French. This allows the children to continue practising their French during the holidays, in a fun atmosphere, as well as providing an answer to the language barrier problem for the French volunteers.

They address to around a hundred children, divided into 2 or 3 levels with plenty of songs, games, competitions, etc. They also prepare the 15-17 year-olds for the DELF (French diploma: "Dipl˘me d'╔tude de Langue Franšaise").

In the past few years, around 15 French volunteers have taken part in the animation of these activities and have lived a strong experience of encounters and service.

Usual day-program

beginning of the day: 30 minutes of singing
Reading workshops and French exercises in level-groups
Activities in multi-age teams
End of the morning
Mass, for those who wish
Begining of the evening feast
End of the day
Summer French session

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