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 The Peace Lamps

Taybeh's Peace Lamp Initiative, is a call to all people of faith around the world to pray for peace in the Holy Land. The initiative was launched on November 16th 2004 and provides jobs to 14 young men and women from Taybeh.

Peace Lamp

Peace Lamp (traditional model)

Designed to decorate Churches and chapels. The word 'Peace' is carved on the side in ten different languages.
20.00 € - 1 liter olive oil included

Peace Dove

Peace Lamp (dove model)

Designed to decorate Churches and chapels. The dove is surrounded on each side by olive branches.
20.00 € - 1 liter olive oil included

Small Peace Dove

Peace Lamp (small dove model)

This small lamp representing a dove hold by two hands is ideal to decorate homes and lighten family prayers.
10.00 € - Half liter olive oil included

Small oil lamp

Small ceramic oil lamp

Innovative and creative alternative to candles, this small easy-to-use lamp, bears the inscription 'Taybeh - Efraim'.
2.00 € 

 The Accessories for the Peace Lamps

Box of wicks for big model Peace Lamps

Box of extra wicks

Box strictly identical to the one included with the Peace Lamp kit. Each box contains 2 'swimmers' (or wick-holders) as well as wicks.
2.00 € 

Bag of Wick-holders (or 'swimmers')

Bag of 20 wick-holders (or 'swimmers')

For your needs, Taybeh.info offers this wick-holders refill bag.

Tip: For the swimmers to last as long as possible, make sure the side protected by the aluminum foil is on the top (just beneath the flame)
4.00 € 

Set of extra wicks for small doves

3 small bags of wicks for small doves

For your needs, Taybeh.info offers these wick refill bags

Note: Sachets identical to those supplied with the small doves
1.00 € - the set of 3

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