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The Olive Branch Foundation

The Olive Branch Foundation, created in 2001 by Fr. Raed Abusahlia, was originally called the Olive Branch Fund. The Fund used donations received through Fr. Raed's pacifist newsletter to promote solidarity micro-projects for the Christian inhabitants of the Holy Land. (Learn more about this newsletter: http://go.to/nonviolence)

When Fr. Raed arrived in Taybeh, the Fund became the Olive Branch Foundation and continued to try and provide economical help to the Palestinian populations particularly hit by the current political and economical situation of the country. The projects of the Olive Branch Foundation are:

1- Signature of a fair trade agreement between Taybeh and Alter Eco in France. All Taybeh's oil production is sold to Alter Eco (French fair trade company). The agreement guarantees a fair price to the producers.

2- The building of a brand new olive press in Taybeh, in order to enhance the quality of the oil produced.

3- In November 2004, the foundation launched an international appeal to pray for peace in the Holy Land. The Peace Lamp Initiative, which aims at spreading ceramic Peace Lamps to more than 100 000 churches in the world to pray for peace provides jobs to 14 people in Taybeh.

4- The creation of a store in Taybeh, where Taybeh's products are stored before shipping abroad. This concerns in particular the olive oil and "maftoul" (Palestinian couscous) that are sold to Alter Eco in France.

5- Building of Beit Afram, Taybeh's home for seniors.

6- Financing the school fees for children whose parents are cannot afford them (300 Euros per child and per year), thanks to gifts and sponsorships.

7- Promoting pilgrimages in the Holy Land. The goal is to give a boost to the activity of this sector as they provide jobs to local populations.

The Olive Branch Foundation depends from the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem. The book keeping of the Foundation is supervised by the Patriarchate. The accountancy is made by the Latin Patriarchate, and the books are certified by the Patriarch himself.

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