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Useful Links

They help Taybeh and the Holy Land

- Coltiviamo la Pace, italian association which strongly supports Taybeh. Its work allowed the launching of the Peace Lamps initiative and has played an important role in collecting donations for Beit Afram.
Coltiviamo la Pace, Via de' Pucci 2, 50122 Firenze - ITALIA -  www.coltiviamolapace.com

- The "Délégation Catholique pour la Coopération", sends french volunteers in the Holy Land.
La DCC, 11 rue Guyton de Morveau, 75013 Paris, info@ladcc.org , www.ladcc.org

- L'Ordre Equestre des Chevaliers du Saint Sépulcre, finances numerous projects for parishes of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem.

- Une fleur pour la Palestine, french association which finances scholarships for schoolchildren from poor families in the Latin Patriarchate schools
Une fleur pour la Palestine, 6 rue Lamarck, 31400 Toulouse, duphil.alain@libertysurf.fr

- Enfant de Terre Sainte, french association which aims healthy development and education for children and teenagers of the Holy Land in all christian schools
Enfant de Terre Sainte, 3 rue Sainte Philomène, 31400 Toulouse, enfantdeterresainte@wanadoo.fr

Reference websites

- Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem

- Ad Vitam Records, musical label organizer of the "d'Une Seule Voix" ("With One Voice") French Tour in which Taybeh's choir was part of. Editor of the "d'Une Seule Voix" CD and DVD featuring Taybeh's Choir.

- The Sisters of "Notre-Dame des Douleurs" in Abudis

- Sami Aldeeb's website, numerous articles from a specialist of Islam.

- Greek Orthodox Church Taybeh

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