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Welcome to Taybeh.info

Taybeh.info is Taybeh's Latin Parish website. Since its creation in 2005, it tries to help people keep a close link with the village. Thanks to our forum and our newsletter we wish to better inform you on all the events occurring here, including the economical projects led by the Latin Parish and the Olive Branch Foundation.

We hope this new version of the site will meet your expectations.

Enjoy your visit!

Discover Taybeh

Taybeh is a Palestinian village located 30 kilometres north-east of Jerusalem, inside the occupied territories of the West Bank, and 60 kilometres from Amman in Jordan. The village has an overall population of around 1300 inhabitants, all christian, with Latin, Orthodox and Greek Catholic rites.

Located on one of the highest places of the country above the Jordan valley, at the boundary between Samaria and Judea, you can spot from distance its square houses, its 3 Church towers and the ruins of the Boniface de Montferrat's crusader castle.

The site is mentioned in the Bible. Tradition, confirmed by recent works identifies Taybeh as biblibal Ofrah (Efron or Efraim). However the word "Ofrah" did not sound good ("afrit" meaning in arabic : "demon"). Under the reign of Salah El-Din, the name was changed into the more reassuring "Taybeh", "Good name".

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