Taybeh.info Online Orders - Terms of Use

I) Conditions to use online orders

This service aims at facilitating orders of Taybeh products coming from abroad.

This service is based on mutual trust between the buyer and the Olive Branch Foundation, particularly on the fact that the buyer will indeed proceed to payment once the order delivered.
The service is available to all users based in Europe.

II) How the service works

The service of online orders enables a fast and efficient transmission of orders to the Olive Branch Foundation in Taybeh. It also allows the user to follow up his order at anytime thanks to the order reference code.

NOTE: We inform you that our prices are before taxes.
VAT applicable at customs depends on the buyers country, and is to be paid at the reception of the package.

On the "products" page, simply make your choice among the available products by indicating the quantity desired.
The selected products are added to your "cart". At any time you can see the content of your "cart" and alter it if necessary.

Once your selection done, you will have to enter the details of the receiver.
Submit and your order is sent to Taybeh to be treated.

You will receive a confirmation email giving you all details on the content and value of your order.
This email will also specify the means of payment (described below) to be used.

Thanks to the reference number of your order that will be given to you, you can follow up your order from Taybeh.info's homepage.

III) The means of shipment used

The orders are sent directly to the addressee's home thanks to the EMS International Postal Service. This system enables to locate the parcels at any time during the shipment thanks to GPS.

The average delivery time is 3 weeks. However this figure is given for information only as the Olive Branch Foundation does not guarantee any delivery time.

SHIPMENT COSTS: (Europe only)

Shipping costs for orders apply as follows:
- 20.00 EUR for all orders below 75.00 EUR
- 15.00 EUR for all orders between 75.00 EUR and 150.00 EUR
- 10.00 EUR for all orders between 150.00 EUR and 300.00 EUR

Shipment is offered for all orders above 300.00 EUR, as well as all orders of peace lamps, peace doves and small peace doves obeying the parcel grouping conditions.
Namely: Peace lamps and peace doves to be ordered by multiples of 10 and small doves to be ordered by multiples of 24.

The Olive Branch Foundation grants itself the right to change the amount charged per shipment, in case of EMS prices change.

IV) The means of payment

After delivery of your order you must proceed to payment.

- by Credit card or Paypal online:

   From the 'Follow-up & Pay orders' section on our website www.taybeh.info.
   All you need is your order reference number and a credit card or a Paypal account.

- by Money transfer on the following account in France:

   NAME : Le Rameau d'Olivier (Olive Branch Foundation)
   IBAN : FR76 1548 9047 6500 0611 5640 149
   BIC (Bank identifier code) : CMCIFR2A

  - The French association Le Rameau d'Olivier (Olive Branch Foundation) collects the money due to the Olive Branch Foundation in Taybeh in order to reduce the money transfer costs for all Peace Lamp customers, especially those living in the European Union.

  - If applicable, VAT is to be paid by the buyer at the reception of the package.

V) Canceling of orders

The buyer has the possibility to cancel his order as long as it has not been sent out, by writing to onlineorders@taybeh.info.
After notification of shipment, the buyer does not have the possibility to cancel his order.
The Olive Branch Foundation can refuse to send out orders. If so, the Olive Branch Foundation will inform the buyer and expose the reasons.

All these informations will be sent to you in the confirmation email of your order.