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Taybeh's children choir

In Taybeh

Directed by Sister Victoire, the children choir sings during Taybeh's Latin parish sunday-mass.

Taybeh's choir, not only rejoices the hearts of the pilgrims coming to sunday-mass but has also built up quite a reputation.

Concerts in various parishes of the West Bank have already been specially organised to listen to the choir. The children of Taybeh also participated in 2004 in a CD, promoting peace called "D'une Seule Voix", in which they sing two songs, as well as the French Tour that followed in 2006.

Sister Victoire

"D'une Seule Voix" - The French Tour

On November 25th 2004, 120 artists from the Holy Land, including Taybeh's children choir, Israelis and Palestinians from different confessions and traditions, gave a one time concert in Jerusalem. Soloists or in groups, they sang of the same land, the same town - Jerusalem - the same desire to live in peace.

The success of this concert in Jerusalem, have led the organizers to want it to continue. France being at the beginning of this « cultural diplomacy » operation, the idea of a tour in the country was naturally essential. The tour took place in May 2006.

From May 14th to May 31st 2006, 8 children from Taybeh's choir, together with sister Victoire, thus participated in a musical tour in France called "D'une Seule Voix" with Israeli and Palestinian artists, Christians, Muslims and Jews, all of whom are directly concerned in the conflict in the Holy Land. Together they performed 14 concerts throughout France.

During the tour, Taybeh's choir was associated for the very first time with the Efroni Choir, founded by Maya Shavit and compound of young Israeli Jewish girls between 12 and 18 years old.

You can get more information about the Tour and all the artists who participated on Ad Vitam Records website: www.advitam-records.com.

The "D'une Seule Voix" CD of the Jerusalem concert (2004), as well as the DVD of the French Tour (2006) are also available on Ad Vitam Records' website.

Organizers of the Tour:

«D’une seule voix»
Jean-Yves Labat de Rossi
Anne Dieumegard

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