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Beit Afram

San Lorenzo
On August 15th 2005, the sisters of the "Notre-Dame des Douleurs" congregation arrived at Beit Afram in order to prepare the opening of the house.

On October 12th 2005, 5 seniors, including a priest of the Latin Patriarchate recovering from sickness, settled into the house.

Gradually the house becomes fully operational to reach its full capacity of 16 senior residents.

Msgr. Angiolo Livi
"This home for Seniors was built by the community of the Basilica of San Lorenzo in Florence in honor of it's patron the deacon San Lorenzo, who faced martyrdom, because he presented the poor, the crippled and the handicapped as the real "treasures of the Church".
Msgr. Angiolo Livi
Prior of the Basilica of San Lorenzo in Florence

In recognition of his support and generosity along with his community to build this home, Msgr. Angiolo Livi was given the honorary title of "Canon of the Holy Sepulcher".

Why build Beit Afram?

When he took over the latin parish of Taybeh in july 2002, Father Raed realized there was an urgent need for adapted care structures for seniors and handicapped people in the Ramallah region and particularly in Taybeh.

Concerning the seniors, 3 facts have guided the project:

 --> The numerous seniors in need of assistance in the region: 40 people in Taybeh only, including 23 on permanent medical treatment and 8 in need of very special care as they live on their own.

 --> There exists no similar homes for seniors in the region but in Jerusalem. However due to the seperation wall, access to these homes is very difficult both for the seniors and for their families during visits.

 --> Number of young people have emigrated leaving their parents alone with neither pension nor health insurance.

What is Beit Afram?

Beit Afram is a home for seniors on the one hand and a rehabilitation center for handicapped people on the other hand. It offers 3 services:

- Day-care for seniors. The goal is to allow them to meet, to carry out activities together, to enjoy a hot meal...

- Residence service for 16 elderly people who do not have their families around them to take care of them.

- Entertainment and rehabilitation for physically and mentally handicapped people, mostly children. 12 people in Taybeh alone and 250 in the region will be able benefit from this service.

The 3 Principles adopted

- Priority is given to demands coming from Taybeh, but in the event of places available, the home will welcome seniors from outside Taybeh too.

- The pensioners who can afford it will be asked to pay a monthly amount of $300 during their stay in Beit Afram

Beit Afram is opened in priority for those who need its services the most, whatever their financial means.

The people in charge of Beit Afram

 -3 nuns of the "Filles de Notre-Dame des douleurs" congregation came to take care of the home and its pensioners. Their experience in assisting seniors is an invaluable asset.

- A direction committee has been named. It includes the 3 parish priests of Taybeh, the mayor, a delegate of the women's association, the representative of the scouts, the doctor in charge of Taybeh's Caritas Medical Centre and 2 women with significant experience with seniors. This committee is responsible, amongst other attributions, for evalutating the applications for the residence service.

- 8 employees including a daily manager work in Beit Afram, but we also deeply encourage volunteers to put themselves at the service of our seniors.

"We wanted to build this beautiful home because we believe that these old people have suffered so much during their lives, that they have earned the right to end their lives in cheerfulness and dignity"

Fr. Raed, Latin Parish priest of Taybeh

Financing the project:

It is thanks to the support of H.E. Ennio Antonelli, Cardinal of Florence, to the generosity of the community of the Basilica of San Lorenzo in Florence, and to the personal involvement of Msgr. Angiolo Livi that this project was launched. We also would like to thank the professor Giovanni Gianfrate and the deacon Lorenzo Paolino whose association Cultiviamo la Pace did a great job in promoting the project in Italy.

Construction budget Operating costs
Total construction costs
 -workers salaries
 -construction material
 -Furniture, medical devices, etc.
650 000 EUR
Donation San Lorenzo parish (Florence) 450 000 EUR
Donation from the "Sergio Colombo" association 30 000 EUR
Other donations 70 000 EUR
Monthly operating costs
 -8 employees salaries
 -Electricity, gas, water
7 000 EUR
Pensioners monthly payments 3 000 EUR
The "Sergio Colombo" association 830 EUR
Debts to reimburse: 100 000 EUR   Monthly financial needs: 3 170 EUR

On the long run, we hope to finance the operating costs of Beit Afram thanks to the profits made by the ceramic workshop: 60% of its profits go directly to the seniors' home.

We would also like to thank Caritas Jerusalem for their support, as they have contributed in paying food-related costs at Beit Afram.

Special thanks

To our great friend Sergio Colombo, who died on June 14th 2005 short before the inauguration of Beit Afram. During Lent 2003 he and his friend Giuseppe, collected 30 000 EUR, at the factory where he worked.

His association, Coordinamento Volontario Vimercatese, renamed Sergio Colombo promised to give 10 000 EUR yearly to cover a part of the operating costs of Beit Afram.


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