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The Ceramic Workshop

Restoring an old olive press

Originally, the building in which the Olive Branch Foundation ceramic workshop is today, was a traditional olive press. Unused during the last 15 years and abandoned, the Olive Branch Foundation offered to restore it entirely in exchange of having the right to use the building during ten years.

The building was turned into a workshop producing ceramic, candles, olive wood products and medals.

Producing the Peace Lamps

Today, the workshop employs 14 people mostly to produce the Peace Lamps. Launched in November 2004, the Peace Lamp initiative aims at uniting as many churches as possible around the world in a prayer for Peace in the Holy Land.

Indeed in the terrible conflict that harms the Holy Land, Israelis and Palestinians have tried all possible means of action to put an end to it but with little success so far. The idea is to address a prayer for Peace in the Holy Land to the Lord: with 100 000 churches united in a prayer for Peace in the Holy Land, the Lord will hear his congregation. He won't have the choice!!

The lamps, together with the oil and the light, become a message of peace from Taybeh and a sign of solidarity towards the Holy Land from the churches all over the world.

More about the Peace Lamp Initiative: here

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